Welcome to Anora's very own Wiki!

We have a lot planned for this metaphorical hole in the wall. Anora's Lore and Rules will all be categorized and stored here for the ease of access to all of Anora's community. The best part about the wiki is it can be done as a group project like all wikis are!

Where to Start?

Currently we have very little on the wiki, but soon we will have pages of pages all for your educational pleasure. Once we have more stuff this section will be altered accordingly and as needed. We will post on the Forums once we have more of the ground work done.

Anorian Rulings is currently the page that leads to everything. Now everything may not seem like a lot, but it is.

Educational is also something that is growing, but has no real links to it yet.

I Want to Help, How?

The first step is making an account, anything edited without using an account will be rolledback, no excuses or exemptions. So much sure to ALWAYS be logged in when editing.

The second step is to contact Oneriwien (View the "Need Help?" section to see how to do so) and see if you are illegable for wiki editing permissions, until then just hold on, this wiki will soon be able to accept player added content.

If you are unsure of what you edited was correct add your signiture near what you changed, this can be done by putting three tilde's (~) in a row which will show this:

-Oneriwien (talk)

What we do need is a theme for this wiki, hopefully like the Forum, but not exactly like it.

Need Help?

The Council can help with most things in Anora, but for now if you need help please ask Oneriwien until the rest of the Council has figured out more, as he has past experience with Wikia. You can contact him through the Forum, a message on Wikia, or through Steam (user: Oneriwien).

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